Air quality as a service

AtmoTrack is the 1st French private operator of hyperlocal air quality data and in real time. Our network is present everywhere to make your measurement campaign, whatever your scale and your issues.
The AtmoTrack turnkey solution uses fixed and vehicle-mounted sensors connected to our digital tools, including a SaaS data processing platform.

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Our missions and commitments against air pollution

Support governments, communities and businesses in their campaign to measure and monitor air quality in their territory.
Democratize the means of understanding air quality in order to limit the impact of pollution on the environment and health.

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Why choose AtmoTrack

All anthropogenic activities: road, port and airport traffic, urban development, construction works, the industrial sector, wood heating, waste treatment and collection, etc. coupled with weather conditions and climate change, involve making the best decisions to limit the impact of air pollution on our health.

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Governments, municipalities,
company, design offices

AtmoTrack accompanies you in your voluntary actions to preserve air quality with certification to the ISO 14001 standard on your Environmental Management System (EMS), your policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), of Occupational Health, Safety & Environment (OHSE) or to comply with the specifications of the regulations for the ecological transition imposed by the State, the European Union, the WHO with the implementation of the Territorial Climate, Air and Energy Plan (TCAEP) , the Low Emission Zone (LEZ), the local health contract (LHC), the mobility plan (MP), or to improve the efficiency of public services by becoming a "Smart City”.

Air quality measurement and monitoring campaigns around the world

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AIRED project, Franco-Mexican cooperation for the development of an air quality forecasting system.

Beekeeping biomonitoring and air quality monitoring in Guyana and Dominican Republic.

Ile de France
"Measurements and Perception" experiment: deployment of a network of 600 sensors in Ile de France.

Local analyzes of the impacts of the resumption of traffic after the COVID lockdown and the establishment of a Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

Holland (Ridderkerk and Wassenaar)
Implementation of community and resident information services to promote civic engagement.

Real-time environmental monitoring near a transport hub to evaluate the field concentration levels.

Device for monitoring and testing air quality improving solutions that are easy to set up.

Innovative citizen portal coupled with the implementation of a network of sensors to monitor air quality.

Deployment of a complementary network to fixed official stations in order to strengthen local information.

New Caledonia
Monitoring of the impact of industrial activities on indoor and outdoor air quality.

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