Sense, act
and breathe 

AtmoTrack is the first network of air quality sensors installed throughout the world. Fully understand the levels of air pollution in your area and optimize your decisions in favor of the environment.

capteur atmotrack

 A summary of technologies 

This Made in France microsensor embeds a new and complete range of air quality measurement technologies.
Easy to install and requiring little maintenance, AtmoTrack sensor will integrate seamlessly into your daily life.

capsule de mesure du capteur de pollution atmotrack socle du capteur de pollution atmotrack

 Help with the decision 

carte de données de pollution atmotrack

Our atmospheric models powered in real time by our air quality data, offer an accurate mapping by meter for hyperlocal pollution events.
The integration of information flows from the territory and your business data allows you to have a global view of the situation. Understand the origins and impacts of pollution on your business. Optimize your decision-making and follow the effectiveness of your actions over time.

 Our strength, our network 

The patented technology of our sensors ensures a reliable measurement in mobility. The coverage of the territory in France and around the world is ensured by our network of partners and their fleets of professional vehicles.
By combining fixed and mobile measurements, we are able to provide temporal and spatial precision for an optimal understanding of the environment.

illustration de la carte de déploiement atmotrack

 Our API 

Enrich your tools and applications by directly recovering the data collected, processed and analyzed on our servers.
The customizable information flows will allow you to easily increase the value of your services with an environmental and human approach.

illustration du serveur api de données de pollution

 Our community 

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