AtmoTrack API 

Enrich your services with a new environmental and human dimension by giving them access to a new level of data.

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 Understanding the territory 
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Understand the hyper localized pollution phenomena with our data available on the whole European territory.
With AtmoTrack network you are now able to integrate measurements of air quality, whether on a global or your own street level


Our network combined with external data flows, as well as our modeling and atmospheric prediction algorithms, allow you to access an information level optimized for your business needs.

 Our API 
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Based on more than 15,000 stations reporting real-time air pollutant data (PM10, PM2.5, PM1, NO2, CO, O3, SO2, NH3) and combined with environmental well-being data (temperature, sound, humidity).
Securely recover all of this data hosted in France according to the communication protocol best suited to your needs (MQTT, HTTPS).