A story that has lasted since 2015

AtmoTrack is a solution recognized by French and international labels. Our committed team works on a daily basis for creating solutions designed to have minimal impact on the environment.

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Why AtmoTrack?

As an innovation and service company, our mission is to democratize the means of understanding air quality, to help reduce the impact of pollution on our health and our environment.

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Dedicated experts at your service

photo Romain Scimia

Romain Scimia

Co-founder - COO

photo Valentin Gauffre

Valentin Gauffre

Co-founder - CEO

photo Antoine Gibb

Antoine Gibb

Business developer

photo Aous Zoghlami

Aous Zoghlami

Electronic engineer

photo Carol-Ann Loury

Carol-Ann Loury

Sales and marketing director

photo Dorian Leblond

Dorian Leblond

Mechanical engineer

photo Elise Boissinot

Elise Boissinot

Product designer

photo Léo le Diouron

Léo le Diouron

Data owner

photo Manon Gellé

Manon Gellé

Air quality engineer

photo Mickael Bonamy

Mickaël Bonamy

Air quality operator

photo Nathalie Mavel

Nathalie Mavel

Data scientist

photo Pascal Ermel

Pascal Ermel

Business developer

photo Raphael Perissat

Raphaël Perissat

Lead dev AQAAS

Career offers

The AtmoTrack team is always on the lookout for new talent, don't hesitate to apply with us, we do our best to always give you answers.

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