Air quality at your fingertips

Composed of technologies and innovations, AtmoTrack's “Made in France” sensors are designed by our teams and tested by the most demanding laboratories. Designed for constrained environments, they measure air quality in mobility on vehicles as well as in a fixed exterior and interior position.

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A sensor adapted to your needs

AtmoTrack's “Made in France” sensor can measure air quality in any type of territory, either urban, semi-urban or rural, and under all conditions. Embedding an unprecedented and complete range of measurement technologies, our reliable and easy-to-use sensor allows you to address different problems by offering

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    Reliable and hyperlocal measurements

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    A multi-pollutant system for optimized deployment

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    Fixed and mobile use allowing spatial and temporal precision

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    Reduced maintenance for a controlled budgetary and environmental impact

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One sensor, many possibilities

Plug & play and requiring little maintenance, our AtmoTrack air quality sensor will integrate seamlessly into your daily life. Its innovative design allows it to adapt to your needs to provide you with the best possible experience.

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